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Wordcount: 44027/50000

Drugs/Substances Ingested: Weed - Rainbow - Homegrown, Pure manliness
Effects: You can't stop me now nor could you ever wish to

When destiny is upon you, whether you believe in her siren calls or not, that voice will bellow upon you like nobody else's can. It's an echo in the back of your brain you wish you could ignore, but quite can't, but all too familiar, so all you can really do is hope your own internal monologue and dialogue between your fellow world saving heroes is at max and shout it to the heavens before you. What once was slow and subtle was not ramping up, albeit slowly, into a grand climactic for that would shake the very heavens before us. As we darted in and out of the most direct corners could find of the streets of Neo Brazil, we watched as the sun and the sky went from a blue to an orange then a red and a purple and then into the infinite blackness of the infinity beyond. If we had any chance of stopping their plans now, this would be our only chance.

So here we went, the last of our loads of fuel emptying into our tanks, going as fast as we could if only so when we could skid across corners we could peel a good chunk of their force out in our immense inertia and momentum that our bullets could be saved for something mildly more intimidating. Hopefully the Cyborg King's heart,

All of us were in high gear. An immense fuel of caffeine, locally made food, weed, adrenaline, and the sense that we were the only ones left responsible enough to stop this launch on earth before the midnight hours struck fueled us more so than anything else could, our eyes narrowed as we looked upon the path before us, knowing at any second to ramp up the shields of the riot cops that sat before us and their barricades easily crushed by our engines and our superior horsepower, it was their end and their shots were in a futile bliss, only doing so so they may not be seen as dying in vain before the King they swore an allegiance to, blowing up in spectacular fashion as we began to litter the busy roads of Neo Brazil with the bodies and machinations and hard drives of the mechanical nazis that had been chasing us since day one.

There was not much time left. There just wasn't.

If you want to call something a clinch ever, don't call it over your sports games or such, call it over how the fact we were narrowly able to direct ourselves through and past these buildings towards the center of the capital. Even as the center stood, it lay before us no matter what direction we went, an absurd metropolis in and of itself, as the sun set more it began to glow a more cold and blue and steel color, the cold machinations within growing louder as we tore ass and made our ways towards its belly, the very belly of the beast that had been taunting us not just since a few days ago in short but immense order, but since Belarus.

I remembered when we stopped her there after an immense struggle, and by chance she was destroyed by the very culture and cuisine that she had been espousing without studying, and I was grateful I did not have to draw my sword then against her as I would most likely have to now, adding her to the very short line of those that were deemed worthy to tastes its complete and naked edge. This was personal, as could be attested in my immense and more warming and serious narrative, as I tried to keep a sadistic grin about me in front of her mooks so she would not be able to predict me when I came up nor see how I really felt about all this, because let's be real, she didn't deserve it. She had already caused us enough grief and wordcount willingly in the past that I wasn't about to allow her more than the narrative of this happening allowed, if only so history had a correct account of what went down here that day.

Stars began to dot the sky more and more visibly as we chase din and out, shooting down all before us, knowing that nobody human or not swearing allegiance to her could be inside, so fuck it, let's wreck the whole city and take down as much territory and property as we could, Ayame standing proud and tall now with her rocket launcher as her newfound confidence and complete loss of her innocence was starting to shed, laughing as she dared all those to come before her, because she challenges you all hand to hand, she isn't backing down now. It was good to see someone come so far, and Kat and I would lathr hail her as the unsung hero of this story, since really, without her I would not know how we were able to get away with doing what we were about to pull off at the end of this chapter.

If you assholes all came here for adventure and conquest, if even seen through a drug addled mind, well, you were about to get it. This was the beginning of the end, and if one listened closely, you could hear one of our gods singing a holy hymn as drums and trumpets lauded our arrival in the immense parking garage of the Empire Tower, the home of Nadezhda, the Cyborg King, a thorn in my ass since I started dating my woman, not knowing when to quit, the queen of pettiness and the most unrequited of assholes, whom only knows repentance through the act of conquering whatever parts of the world would dare to welcome her horrible ass, and bring them to ruin under her immense need to have her revenge on us and our existence and country and our species, now having transcended humanity in order to end it over her own mistakes.

We never said the villain of this story was smart or brilliant, just a particularly stalwart brand of Slavic, whom are known well for never giving up, be it better or worse. Why couldn't she have just shown up in our story as one of the Night Witches or other actual women of the Red that were worth a damn and were on our side for a damn change? You think even she could manage to shut up long enough and set this aside to talk over tea, but I suppose the old saying that many stories that are great do not start over having an amicable tea party.

History will remember us for a reason.

History remembers and favors the ridiculous.

We are the ones to inherit the past and future in one go. We are the ones they inscribe the deeds of on monuments and the women lament they never got to meet and the ones men wish they were. We're the ones who listened, and knew it took sometimes only the most bold of acts ever recorded by any species in any time line to get us to proposer, and chances were with how rapidly dark it was getting as we parked our vehicles that it would most likely end up like this. There's not much else you can do but shut up, take your keys, and walk in calmly. The most badass in history knew this, that sometimes it took taking it on your own terms, a resolute and calm soul ready to snap into a fiery inferno at any given second, because time was running out, and if we didn't do this now, then who could and when?

Who could? Or rather, the question is more appropriately, who would? Not many who have the gall or the power to do it for good rarely say so, and it's a damn shame, because the rush you get it from it was equivalent to no other drug before us in our system, and the tension washed down on us as we parked and equipped ourselves.

We found the stairs.

I donned Hoshigiri. Kat equipped her boots. Ayame grabbed the most amount of explosives she could handle, still stoned on the ability to wreck someone's ass from here to kingdom come if need be, her new found strength in us and our ability to actually stockpile and her having finally been laid fueling her to the end as our favorite. We all hid one small thing in our pockets that we had been concealing since the very start of this story that would now aid us in our final ascent to the heavens of the King's tower and whatever she had in store for us.

Neo Brazil needed us. Colombia and its hospitality had to be repaid. Mexico must be apologized to for our shenanigans. And our dear homes of California and Japan must have their honor retained as the place where the sun also rises and the sun also sets. Our end was nigh, and we only hoped we could attend to it properly, as heroes are wont to. If not us, then you? I doubt it.

This would be our final ascent, and by the time we got to the top, this story would hit its climax. Well lucky for you that will be today then, won't it, as we ran, our sunglasses gleaming, our ridiculous disguises still on as we hauled ass towards the top of the stairs, not stopping to rest once, because time was of the essence.

We had to act fast. As we walked up, the security cameras that should have been watching us make our ascent switched to a broadcast lead by the King Nadezhda herself with a faint vision of Yozakura at her side began to play. She was declaring the launch to be imminent and earlier than she thought; perhaps she had seen us come in and began to play her trump hand where we could see it, but we stopped and none of us could ignore the vision of Asuka tied up behind them. She was to be executed as a traitor on our side after the launch, so if we didn't get there by then, it would be game over for the lot of us. All this over a bad breakup she caused so long ago and all this over our dealer being a prime target for her blackmail.

What a petty and pathetic piece of human or cyborg life. Her lust for power would be the very end of her.

We landed at the top floor where she had been broadcasting this from live with a thunderous kick and a posing only worthy of the most legendary of heroes. You only stop to look cool when people are noticing, and when you're on international hijacked television, you bet everyone was looking. In the whole world. Now was time to make some impressionable heroism on the minds of our species before us. If anything would leave a mark it would be the sight of us busting the door down. We shoved the Cyborg King aside with her own door and looked immediately to be accosted by her weak guards, grinning as we assumed our stances. No way I would draw my blade on them, it was now reserved for the woman lying to the world in our faces about us in real time.

The King's rocket was due to launch any second. Our time was up. What more could we do now but play and act like we meant to do that anyways?

“Hey, girls, think you can take this side while I get the King? I got a score to settle!” I laughed.

And just then, as soon as those words left me, the most unlikely of heroes rose from the ashes and grinned, her eyes narrowing finally as ours had in our drug fueled orgy of herosim and saving the day across multiple continents.

Ayame stood tall. She was laughing.

“No. Let me get them. I'll take care of things down here.” Ayame stood up and in a sudden range of fire, she loaded up the one thing we all had kept hidden on us since the start.

Her ninja scroll.

A sacred document that would let us transform into a fiery fighting force of unrivaled prowess. And she used it before we could even say no, becoming a gold and crimson clad warrior of unrivaled resolution.

Ayame ended the guards before us in short force and grinned, aiming herself for Yozakura as she jammed a grave into her fat face and let Asuka go.


Asuka nodded, this moment having been waiting for her for ages now, wanting to get the satisfaction of some semblance of revenge on Yozakura and Nadezhda. She transformed and the two stood before Yozakura, blocking her path.

“You know, it's only been a few days but I've learned a lot on this trip. From Katsuragi Senpai. And Atma. Both have been so kind to me and at first I had no idea what they were doing taking me along on such a bizarre journey, but now I know. They just wanted me to be safe.” Ayame stated clearly, a golden flame shooting out of her eyes as her stance tightened, getting back to back with Asuka.

Nadezhda had no words and only began to scramble under the curtains behind her broadcast station and hit the launch code for her rocket and satellite, immediately putting us all in only the most immense of perils. She had gotten slightly ahead of us, but none of us were out of this fight yet, and like fuck you better believe that we weren't going to let that be the end, shrug, walk off, and go home in defeat and accept our punishment as slaves of the new world Nazi order she had in store.

“You! YOU! YOU CAME AFTER ALL! I'LL END THIS RIGHT HERE THEN! BEGIN THE IMMEDIATE INVASION OF ALL THE AMERICAS, BUT CALIFORNIA MOST SO! AIM FOR THE NORTH! I KNOW THEIR WOMEN ARE THERE, ESECIALLY THE ONE THAT SCORNED ME SO LONG AGO! LET'S END THIS ON ALL FRONTS!” The Cyborg King yelled as she grasped on to the end of her rocket and began to blow off slowly, her ascent into space and the heavens beyond gradually building as each stage of the rocket began to work itself towards shedding, the front ready to blast off in thirsty seconds to launch her satellite beyond us and begin to indoctrinate the Earth we knew so dear below into her scummy ideology.

Ayame and Asuka, transformed, push forth against Yozakura.

“You won't let me have the satisfaction of defeating these two now?” Shouted Yozakura, furious and transforming with her own scroll herself, facing the two A girls in a fury unrivaled. They hadn't expected us to come this far at all, and now their pride was shattering before them and making them desperate.

“No. No I will not.” Ayame said. “Run! RUN! RUN FOR OUR FREEDOM! GO, KAT! GO, ATMA! And know that no matter what, I had a good time on this journey! I...I love you both with all my heart! So you better come back alive!”

Asuka readied her swords and grinned alongside her new cohort.

“Yeah. We both owe you. Go catch up with the King. You're the only ones capable of stopping her now! Let us take care of this prude and we'll see you back at home in sunny ol' California!” Asuka grinned. The two fistbumped and began to summon all their power.

“There's no time left!” Ayame roared. The last thing we heard her say as those two guarded the way back to our vehicles was “If you don't stop this now, I will be forced to do something NOT NICE”

Which well, fit her image. Ayame, you had some ways to go, but this was most appreciated, especially towards the end. We get what you were saying.

But she was also right, our time was massively limited at this point and Kat and I only had one resource left to catch up in time to Nadezhda in her rocket, and that was to pile back into The Pussy Wagon and The Red Menace at high speed and hit the engine overdrives one last time, as it was all our fuel tanks would allow, and ride up and hopefully punch her worthless face enough that she would give up.

What happened next had to be seen to be believed. As Ayame and Asuka believed in us, so did we in them, and knew if anyone could stop their broadcast now it'd be them.

Kat loaded into the tank and I into the lowrider and we aimed ourselves up towards a ramp angled near the rocket and hit our boosters. No time for words between heroes as you launch yourselves up and begin jumping across the debris left by the very rocket trying to escape your grasp into the galaxies above us.

Not on our watch.

By luck we managed to land on the end of the rocket as it propelled upwards and towards the heavens, our engines only able to outpace it barely as we began a final helix maneuver towards the top in order to end this all once and for all.

Despite our efforts, however, the satellite launched.

Now any lesser hero would see this as a game over and see this as our end, but Kat and I met, ejecting ourselves from our drivers seats, making one last desperate grasp for the tail of the satellite as we barely missed and collided with each others hands, the whole operation just about to leave orbit.

We saw it escape our grasp. Our eyes met and in our silence, in our almost defeat, I remembered we had one last trick up our sleeve.

“Hey, Kat. Let's do that. Let's combine.” I grinned, gripping Hoshigiri in my left hand and baring my teeth. No part of me was ready to give up yet.

“What? You want to have sex now? In space? As we're about to die? I would normally say yes but...” Kat blushed, misunderstanding my directions.

“No no. The machines. We're out of fuel, but we're not out of spirit. Remember the failsafe Koshka installed on them both?”

Kat slowly went from flustered to as determined as I was.

“Oh. THAT. Yes. Let's.”

In tandem, we drew the scrolls we had hidden in our breasts and summoned forth only the holiest of shinobi magic possible. Our powers combined, we groped mid air and became a pair of transformed asskickers you usually only hear about in local, long dead legends.

We slammed down into the seats of The Red Menace and The Pussy Wagon and unlocked the secret final battle mode installed on them so long ago.

Enter what would be known as The Pussy Destroyer.

Before the air got too thin, we slammed down on the final mode activation buttons and the two vehicles began to combine into one ultimate machine of pure fighting force. It landed on top of the rocket and we immediately propelled ourselves by the feet, which Kat controlled, and me the heat and arms, wielding a gigantic mechanical sword of the debris merged around us, and dove up towards the satellite, just catching it in time.

At once, our shinobi barriers formed a space in the skies, the stars, and the heavens above and locked the Cyborg King and her satellite in place, just as it began transmitting. Whatever propaganda it was spewing would have to wait on to be expounded on.

A mass field born of our souls entrapped the area, Kat's more like a wrestling arena complete with a cheering crowd composed of those we were saving on Earth, and mine the dried bamboo forests that only the most reclusive and immense of samurai trained in.

“It... You! How dare you manage to defy me still!” Nadezhda shouted, beginning her own melding and transformation as she became one with her own satellite into an immense and disgusting draognic figure that began to shadow the planet below we called home with her wings.

As soon as she did, she was trapped in our barrier. This would be it. The tension was real and the fight for all of us below began in the most earnest of fashions. Don't say I didn't warn you; sunglasses may be required for the flash you were about to see.

At once, Kat and I posed inside The Pussy Destroyer, hand in hand, our ways of the foot and sword combined into one brilliant force of liberation and justice for all that were born below this dusty cloud of insanity and villainy.

It would be the shout, the declaration to end all before us, that none others had matched as the space around us warped more solidly into the bamboo riddled ring that became our final reality.



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