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All's well that ends well.

So how well did everyone wind up?

Ryobi was taken back in by her probation officer and sentenced to another million, billion years of house arrest. To make matter worse, she was moved to San Francisco and placed in an apartment next door to the one Katsuragi and Atma moved into. She still tries to start shit, despite it all.

Yozakura was charged with conspiracy to be boring, a prude, and ruining Christmas for her siblings by acting up instead of taking care of them as she should have. She was also sentenced to a million, billion years of house arrest and is stuck rooming with Ryobi. The two love to argue the point of everything.

Ryona is still high and staring off into space, being a more welcome spectacle in San Francisco than ever, still on her balcony, still topless. At least it's legal and encouraged there. You can wave hi to her, if you want.

Asuka become a helper at the New San Fran Hanzo International branch, doing errands for the teachers, helping the new girls, and running jobs for Kat and Atma which we all meant go get the goods. She's a lot more cautious on her weed runs, now, and gets kidnapped a lot less.

Ayame became an assistant instructor, herself, and still runs the shop in her spare time. She now stocks the goods she became so attached to during the trip, and keeps them behind the counter in a locked medical and first aid area, and is known to lift a brownie herself now and again. Her newfound confidence shows in her work, and while she has a long way to go, we believe she can do it. She still hasn't gotten Kat to fall for her and become her hasubando, however.

Hikage usually sits around the school all day, not giving a fuck. Sometimes she visits the Crimson Squad up in Sebastopol when she wants a little work money, but otherwise she mostly just doesn't give a shit.

Neither does Koshka. She still mostly hangs around with Hikage, doing lines while they keep their girls in line. She remains the weirdest component of this story, as it was her ex, but she never seems to want to go after her instead. Whatever.

Homura and the Crimson Squad went on to win the local weed tournament, The Emerald Cup, using her homegrown strain of Deep Crimson and making more people flock to her ranch for both her sweet, round melons and her sweet, leafy greens. She has never been richer, happier, or higher in her life.

Daidouji shows up randomly showering the world with her tasty meats. Where she got the pterodactyl though this time, shall remain her secret. She claims her next flavor will be dodo.

Miyabi and Imu sometimes show up to host fighting seminars, much to Miyabi's chagrin, as the school fills up with her fangirls pretty fucking fast. Which also pisses Kat and Atma off, as those should be their fangirls, after all, they're the heroes and these two were barely in the fucking story.

The Cyborg King Nadezhda was said to be completely destroyed in that battle in space, but some people swear at night, when they look up in the skies, they see a familiar and evil red eye watching them. Will she be back? Only time will tell, but for now, our heroes earn their rest.

Speaking of...

...Our heroes, Kat and Atma, became the founders of the New San Fran Hanzo branch, the head instructors, and the local and international heroes of the world. Women want in their pants, men want to be them, and all is well. They're known for their eclectic mix of the ninja and samurai arts and for fraternizing with the lady students a bit too closely. Katsuragi even became the cultivator of her own weed strain called "The Californian Titfuck." Now and again, they spend a hot and heavy night together, but any ladies who catch them are like totally free to join in. They still occasionally get into a shitton of trouble and hop in The Pussy Wagon to go kick an ass, as women like that are wont to do, and waitresses the world over beware.

And they want you to remember that "Boobs go boing boing!"

They are the undisputed Kings of California.

And all hail.
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