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After a lot of consideration, I've decided to finally sit down and work out a fully detailed history post of one of my most fully developed and favorite OCs. For both personal and commissioned artist reference, should they want it.

Lady Siofra is a human lesbian paladin working under her world's fire goddess, Fyrshala, in the kingdom of Tanjil in the Ahmonas Region on the continent of Lark, a kingdom on a northern shore known for it's Mediterranean-style climate and vast regions of agriculture. She is of long red hair, a medium complexion, and plentiful freckles in a suit of red and gold armor. She favors glaives and spears as weapons and becomes a historical figure of some grand importance at several points in her world's history through sheer brashness and a love of questing, if even through accident, she's remembered by most, if not always for the greatest of reasons.

It should be noted Siofra Aine Whelan is Irish for "Elf" "Light" and "Wolf" respectively. Yes, the name was chosen on purpose given the full context below.

She was originally created for the purpose of making cheap Kindle porn money on Amazon, but the market proved to be fickle, and the demand for better LGBTQ characters in speculative fiction is rising, especially involving themes that aren't about challenging societal norms nor take place in a world where -phobias need be a thing since a major problem with the genre is it reflecting Earth/our reality's politics, so I put the original stories up for free here and urge you to share them and promote them.

Because of such demands, too, I decided to flesh her into a full character like an old pulp hero, with all the heroic traits and daring feats and romancing of ladies that men were portrayed as, but women never, especially never a lesbian one. This is the outcome, and I consider her one of my greatest creative achievements. If you would like to use her for any reason, especially related to this reasoning above, please ask, I would be more than delighted to see what you're working on.

An example of one such story is a NaNoWriMo I did in 2012 that I pulled a lot of data out of for this. Some of it has since been revised in this official biography, but it's a start. It can be downloaded here.

Spoilers for her whole existence, if spoilers for an OC like this can exist at all.

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