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Today, at request, I'm going to cover a bit about what it's like to use various weapons. All of these are ones I have knowledge and hands-on use enough to do basic sparring with, save for the katana and gloves, which I am trained in twice a week, hence me talking much more about katanas and relating things back to them as possible.

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Atma's Complete Guide To Packing A Punch With Your Writing

Now that we have bad jokes out of the way...

Part 1: Introduction

Hello, everyone. I'm Atma and today I'll be helping you refine your writing when it comes to depicting fights. Be it one on one scraps or epic wars, this should help you get a feel for what your characters are feeling, though hopefully you come out with less bruising and scarring. It doesn't matter if you're a casual roleplayer or a hardcore novelist, anyone can benefit from this!

It's a common complaint I've seen a lot, both in the past and recently, is that people just don't know how to write fighting. People have asked me specifically for help. Why? For those that don't know, I'm a martial artist and trained fighter. I've experience with kickboxing, boxing, multiple styles of karate, and a lot of basic to advanced weapons knowledge, though I specialize in the katana and Okinawan weapons. I also do a lot of weight/equipment/circuit training and physical conditioning, which are almost must haves if you want to do your best.

Even with just basic knowledge or experience with these can up someone's understanding of how they work and how fights work considerably. Of course, I recommend trying some or seeing if some place nearby will let you sit in on a class or two and take notes on it. If you know how to do it right, you can describe how it feels better.

Let's refine your technique.

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