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Wordcount: 30545/50000

Drugs/Substances Ingested: Weed - Goji OG, sleep derpivation/interrupted schedule, an immense amount of honor
Effects: You are filled with determination

old habits die hard )
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Wordcount: 25573/50000

Drugs/Substances Ingested: Weed - Rainbow - Homegrown, a long nap
Effects: Groggy but useful

holy shit it's more than halfway done it's all downhill form here folks (not that it hasn't been this whole timr oh ho ho)

fuck you too )
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Wordcount: 21530/50000

Drugs/Substances Ingested: Weed - Rainbow - Homegrown, 5mg Hydrocodone
Effects: A great efficiency

Food's here )
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Wordcount: 18544/50000

Drugs/Substances Ingested: Weed - Rainbow - Homegrown
Effects: Fuck you, obscure jokes are fucking great

Santa Nella or bust )
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Wordcount: 16017/50000

Drugs/Substances Ingested: Weed - Rainbow - Homegrown, 2.5mg Oxycodone, 150mg Caffeine
Effects: I Can Organize Anything In The Universe

Bring it, assholes )
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Wordcount: 14220/50000

Drugs/Substances Ingested: Weed - Golden Goat, 5mg Hydrocodone, 2.5mg Oxycodone, 100mg Caffeine
Effects: Rambly and a tad ethereal

Punch it )
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Wordcount: 11380/50000

Drugs/Substances Ingested: Weed - Golden Goat, 5mg Hydrocodone, 100mg Caffeine, Hungry
Effects: Sweaty and awake

the hunt is on )
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Wordcount: 8207/50000

Drugs/Substances Ingested: Weed - Golden Goat
Effects: Everything Feels Okay

Time to kick an ass )
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Wordcount: 5077/50000

Drugs/Substances Ingested: 5mg Oxycodone, 72mg Caffeine, Sleep Deprivation
Effects: A weird lucidity

Life ain't easy when you're dealing green )
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Welcome to fanfic hell. Personal challenge this year is no entry can be written sober, given the themes, so I will note what I take and any notable effects on me or my writing.

Wordcount: 2500/50000

Drugs/Substances Ingested: 5mg Hydrocodone. 2.5mg Oxycodone, 72mg Caffeine, A lot of chocolate
Effects: Verbally rambly

It begins.

We're out of weed )


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